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    Transform your living space with a Guardian™ roof

    Spectrum Warm Roofs are accredited Manufacturers and Installers of the Guardian™ Conservatory Roof and your home improvment experts in the Isle of Man.

    As you are probably already aware, during winter the conservatory becomes too cold to use, due primarily to massive heat loss through the roof. Additionally in the summer it becomes to hot to use. The Guardian™ roof has been designed to solve these problems. The insulated tiled roof, finished off with a standard plastered finish, offers high levels of insulation that effectively will turn your conservatory into another room

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    Installation takes just a few days

    We've created a very short video animation to show you how we install the Guardian™ roof system…

    Save money on your heating bills

    Here in the Isle of Man we tend to depend on our central heating for most of the year but with the Guardian™ roof your conservatory will be much easier and cheaper to keep comfortable. For those of you who understand U-Values and heat loss within a typical home you’ll be pleased to learn that the Guardian™ roof achieves a maximum U-Value of 0.18. For the rest of us, we can check our heating bills and see how much lower they are.

    Thermal values explained

    “This new roof has made a huge difference to the way we use our conservatory.”

    “The kids call it the breakfast room, we just think it’s made our home bigger and more user friendly”

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